About iFitness Gear

At iFitness Gear, it is our mission is to empower people to take control of their health through education and innovation. We are building a comprehensive resource for anyone who wants to live an active and healthy lifestyle.

We are devoted to finding the most efficient ways to reach our fitness goals. Whether that is through the use of high-tech equipment, expert scientific advice on nutrition, or the latest techniques used by trainers in professional sports. 

We get really nerdy about the latest trends in improving mental health, including but not limited to: yoga, meditation, nootropics, supplements, and nutrition for longevity.

We are a small community of fitness and nutrition enthusiasts, biohackers, and weekend warriors. We are passionate about fitness and nutrition because we strive to be the best the version of ourselves mentally and physically.


iFitness Gear Editors


Jessica M.
(Strength training enthusiast, Data analyst)


Ben G.
(Biohacker Extraordinaire)


Tim W.
(Cross-country runner)